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Music Plush Ornaments. 
GIFT PACK:  8-pack of plush.  

Music Plushies for your Holiday tree!!
Comes in a cute gift box & ready for gifting!

8 pack of plush ornaments includes:
* 2 boom boxes
* 2 record players
* 2 records              (choices: glitter record, retro print or rainbow)
* 2 cassette tapes  (choices: retro print or rainbow)


Retro= orange/ aqua blue
Rainbow= Red/ blue/ yellow

Glitter records- is there a specific color you'd like?

- please specify or they will be randomly selected

Each plush comes on a S hook so you can hang easily on your Christmas tree.
Plushies each measure roughly 3".

Free shipping to anywhere in USA!

Need rush shipping or Intl. shipping- just message me!

8 pack. Music Plush Ornaments. GIFT PACK: 8 pieces of plush.