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Be a Banksy!  

Inspired by Banksy's iconic "TV Heads Dance" graffiti

Make a statement in this costume! (without saying a word!?)


--Listing is for A SET OF 3 Foam TV Heads -as pictured. 


***Perfect for Halloween Costume, Cosplay & Group costumes!***


TV Heads is a representation of the mind control media has on people.
AND...In case you don't know who Banksy is...?
Banksy is an anonymous UK based street artist, vandal, political activist …with a unique & distinctive stenciling graffiti style.  
He combines satirical street art, dark humor & strong political/ social commentary.
Love him or hate him, Banksy is without a doubt one of the most influential artists working today. 
...And I heart his face(less-ness).

Listing Features:
•    Listing is for 3 Foam TV Heads- as pictured in group shot.
•    Black clothing not included
•    Foam TV heads are ONE SIZE 
•    Excellent quality. Very durable.
•    Extremely lightweight, good for hours of wear.
•    Handmade (to order) in Seattle, WA!

Listing details:
•    TV #1 & #3 are the same size: 13in (length) x 15.5 in (width) x 14in (depth)
•    TV #2 is slightly larger in size:  14in (length) x 16.5 in (width) x 14in (depth)

•    Each TV head is made of 100% polyester fabric & foam.  
•    Comfy!

Care instructions:
•    Wipe clean with a damp cloth & lay to dry.
•    Do Not Put in Dryer. Do Not Iron.
•    This item can fold for light periods (packed in luggage for a day).  Please understand--- if folded, packed away & stored for long periods, it may lose or warp shape.  


Grab 2 friends & Be a Banksy this Halloween!

Handmade (to order) in Seattle, WA.

I appreciate your patience as I custom make your order :)

Thank you!


PLEASE NOTE: Price includes shipping within USA


Be a Banksy! Banksy "TV Heads Dance" - 3 Plush/ Foam TV Heads.